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Actress-Producer Gina Torres to Adapt 'Jodi Luna' Book Series for Television

Gina Torres and Alisa Lynn Valdes set to bring 'Hollow Beasts' and 'Blood Mountain' to life in a thrilling new television series adaptation

Los Angeles, CA — Gina Torres, known for her award-winning performances in hit TV series like "Suits" and "Firefly," is set to venture into the world of television production with a groundbreaking partnership. Torres has signed an exclusive shopping agreement with bestselling author Alisa Lynn Valdes to adapt her new "Jodi Luna" suspense book series, about a Latina game warden in northern New Mexico, for television. This marks a significant milestone for both Torres and Valdes, promising to deliver thrilling content to viewers worldwide.

About Gina Torres: Gina Torres is a seasoned actress and producer celebrated for her remarkable talent and versatility. With an illustrious career spanning decades, she has become a household name in the entertainment industry. Torres' performances in hit shows such as "Suits," "Firefly," and "Pearson" have garnered critical acclaim and a dedicated fan following. Now, as a producer, she is ready to embark on this exciting new journey of bringing Alisa Lynn Valdes' gripping stories to television audiences.

About Alisa Lynn Valdes: Alisa Lynn Valdes is a bestselling author recognized for her compelling storytelling. Her "Jodi Luna" series, including the novels "Hollow Beasts" and "Blood Mountain," has soared to the top of several bestseller lists with its blend of mystery, adventure, and rich character development. Valdes' writing has garnered a loyal fan base, and her partnership with Gina Torres promises to bring her imaginative world to life in a whole new way.

The "Jodi Luna" series follows the adventures of the eponymous game warden, Jodi Luna, as she navigates the challenges of protecting wildlife and maintaining order in the rugged wilderness. It's the first Western suspense series to feature a Latina protagonist. The first book in the series, "Hollow Beasts," has soared to No. 1 on several Amazon bestseller lists, including Political Thriller, Terrorism Thriller, Women Sleuths, and Police Procedural. It was also an Editor's Pick for the best books of 2023 so far. Set against the stunning backdrop of New Mexico's wide open spaces and rugged mountains, the series takes readers on a thrilling journey through the natural world. With vivid descriptions, relatable characters, and heart-pounding suspense, these novels have become beloved treasures for fans of the mystery and thriller genres.

The upcoming television adaptation of "Hollow Beasts" and "Blood Mountain" promises to bring this world to life in an unforgettable way, with Gina Torres leading the charge as both producer and potentially a starring role.

Fans of Gina Torres, Alisa Lynn Valdes, and the "Jodi Luna" series have much to look forward to as this exciting collaboration takes shape. Stay tuned for updates on casting, production, and release dates as Torres and Valdes embark on this thrilling journey to bring "Hollow Beasts" and "Blood Mountain" to television screens around the world.

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