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Alisa Lynn Valdes Biography

Renowned Author, Inspiring Storyteller


Alisa Lynn Valdes, also known as Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez, is a bestselling American author whose books touch upon a wide range of themes, from love and relationships to cultural identity, spirituality and self-discovery. Her often funny novels have consistently soared to the top of bestseller lists, earning critical acclaim and winning the hearts of readers everywhere. Several of her books have been or are being adapted for the screen and/or stage. An avid hiker, Alisa lives in rural New Mexico, where her family has roots going back eleven generations.

Some of her most notable works include:

  • "The Dirty Girls Social Club": A groundbreaking novel that explores the lives and friendships of a diverse group of Latina women. Now in development for the screen with director Jessy Terrero.

  • "Hollow Beasts" and "Blood Mountain": Gripping suspense novels that introduce readers to the poet-turned-game-warden, Jodi Luna, as she solves crimes in the vast New Mexico wilderness. Now in development for the screen with producer and actress Gina Torres.

  • "The Temptation of Demetrio Vigil": An emotionally charged young adult story about love across the barriers of socioeconomic class and death itself.


A Voice for Empowerment

Beyond her writing, Alisa is a passionate advocate for empowerment, diversity, and inclusivity. She started her writing career as a staff writer for both The Boston Globe and the Los Angeles Times, and her books often seem ripped from the headlines, tackling important social issues, sparking conversations and encouraging readers to explore new perspectives.

Join the Journey


Whether you're a long-time fan or discovering Alisa's work for the first time, her stories are sure to leave a lasting impression.

Stay connected with Alisa on social media for updates on her latest projects, book releases, and insights into her creative process. Join the conversation and become part of the ever-growing community of readers who have been touched by Alisa's words.


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