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Where Rabbits Gathered

Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez


Historical Fiction and Literary Fiction

Pre-Orders Available: Sept. 16, 2024

Publication Date: Nov. 15, 2024

Pre-Orders Available: Sept. 16, 2024

Where Rabbits Gather delves deep into the lives of six remarkable women, each the firstborn daughter in her generation, navigating the brutal and complex colonial landscape of 16th and 17th-century New Mexico.

As life in the high desert changes forever with the arrival of a Spanish invasion led by Don Juan de Oñate, a Tewa astronomer priestess named Blue Water, from the Tewa cliff city of Puye (translation: Where Rabbit Gather) grapples, along with the rest of her community, with unfathomable violence and upheaval.

Her descendants over the next 100 years endure the shifting tides of power, and struggle to make sense of a vastly altered sociopolitical, religious and cultural landscape, as Spanish and Indigenous worlds collide, with the book ending at the onset of the Pueblo Revolt, the only successful Indigenous uprising against European invaders in what would later become the United States.

Through meticulous research and lyrical prose, author Alisa Valdes, a 13th-generation New Mexican, has drawn upon her own family history for this remarkable novel that has been compared to Alex Hailey's Roots.

Where Rabbits Gather is the first installment of the 24-Daughter Snake Path historical fiction series. Each installment covers roughly 100 years of New Mexican history, through the lives of the women in one family line.

Where Rabbits Gathered
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