I Am Recovering From Long-Haul Covid-19 without Medical Help. Here's How.

Two months ago, I wrote a post chronicling my first 80 days - yep, 80 days - with Covid-19. You can read that post here, if you like.

After that, I continued to be very sick for another month, and finally began to turn a corner at the start of July. Today, with five days completely symptom-free behind me, and more good days than bad in the past month, after suffering with long-haul covid-19 for more than 120 days, I'm improving. Slowly.

Like many people with long-haul covid-19 (we are the 1 in 10 who will still be very sick after three months), I desperately longed during the worst of my illness to know whether it was possible to get better. I hope that this post will bring hope to everyone who is struggling with this horrific disease.

I did not get well by chance. Doctors weren't helping. To save my own life, I had to become an expert in the disease, using research skills honed as a reporter. I had to connect the dots on my own. I had to figure out what was going wrong, and how to fix it using only those things that could be purchased over the counter.

Information is Power

The most important thing I learned was that much of what the media and medical establishment thought was true about covid-19 was actually untrue. Without accurate information, you cannot fix anything.

The biggest myth is that covid-19 is primarily a respiratory disease. Covid-19 is actually an infectious vasculitis. It attacks any and all organs. Covid-19 doesn't act like other human coronaviruses, which primarily attack the respiratory tract; it acts the way coronaviruses act in cats and horses, which is to say it is an infectious vasculitis.

How the Virus Attacks

SARS-COV-2 attaches itself to the ACE2 receptors in our endothelial cells. Because the entire inner layer of our blood vessel system is made up of these cells, known collectively as the endothelium, the vessels are where much of the damage from this disease is done. Covid-19 killed my gallbladder; attacked my liver, pancreas, kidneys, and, worst of all, my intestines, stomach and esophagus - not to mention my blood vessels, nervous system and skin. I lost 20 pounds in a month. It was terrifying. Because we have blood vessels everywhere, this is a disease of EVERYTHING.

How I Saw a Solution

The virus itself likely died out within the first month of infection for me. But the damage to my blood vessels - those 100,000 miles of endothelium in the average adult body, enough vessels to wrap around the earth four times - had started a seemingly endless cycle of inflammation and destruction.

My immune system, still on high alert, continued to attack my blood vessels. This led to ongoing inflammation, caused by too much of a peptide called bradykinin. Normally, bradykinin levels are kept in check by regulating mechanisms in endothelial ACE2 receptors. With so many of these damaged, bradykinin was flooding my body, leading to a host of problems.

Unless this cycle was interrupted somehow, it seemed to me the cycle could be endless. Inflammation causing immune reaction, that immune reaction causing more harm than good, that harm leading to more inflammation, in an loop. I

had to figure out how to interrupt it, how to calm the whole system down so that it could begin to heal.

I began to research endothelial repair. I was happy to learn that endothelial cells can and do regenerate, everywhere except the cornea. The bad news was that it takes a really long time for that to happen.

From the time an endothelial cell is destroyed or damaged, it take at least three months for the bone marrow to create a replacement. During those three months, the body makes too much bradykinin. Excess bradykinin causes electrolytes to be out of whack, usually resulting in sodium, potassium and chloride levels that are abnormally low. Damage to the endothelium and blood itself can lead to blood clots in covid patients. Bradykinin causes blood to leak out of the vessels into surrounding tissues, including the nervous system, which in turn becomes dysfunctional resulting in dysregulated blood pressure, heart rate and loads of nerve pain. Bradykinin causes the nerves to feel pain more, too. So, no, it is not in our heads. We are hurting. A lot. To stop hurting, I realized, I'd have to fix all these problems, without the help of a single doctor.

How I Did It

I decided I needed to do the following things:

  1. Encourage endothelial healing, while minimizing ongoing vessel damage

  2. Reduce inflammation drastically

  3. Replace electrolytes constantly

  4. Lower bradykinin levels

  5. Prevent blood clots

  6. Suppress the immune system (this should only be done after the viral stage is over)

  7. Optimize my health

Encourage endothileal healing while minimizing ongoing damage

I began following a supplement protocol I found out about from a research scientist in South Africa who wrote a paper about this exact topic. This consisted of taking five supplements per day:


Vitamin C

Vitamin D3


Nicotinamide Riboside

Reduce inflammation drastically


Fish Oil




Turmeric is an amazing anti-inflammatory, but make sure your supplement includes black pepper, which makes the curcumin more easily absorbed by the body. NSAIDs like Advil and Aspirin are great anti-inflammatories; I used aspirin more, because it also helps prevent blood clots as well as acting as an immunosuppressant - all for less than two bucks a bottle.

Marijuana is not just a fantastic anti-inflammatory, it happens to suppress Interluken 6, a cytokine that is very active in covid-19.

Replace electrolytes

Pedialyte. I began drinking a bottle of it a day. This helped a ton.

Lower bradykinin levels


Flaxseed Oil

Aloe juice

Linseed Oil


High-Fat, Low-Carb diet (Keto)

The results from this were nothing short of miraculous for me.

Prevent blood clots

I drank turmeric tea twice a day, with two adult aspirin dissolved in it. I have a genetic clotting disorder already, so I felt I needed heavier anticoagulation than some.

Please be careful when thinning your own blood, as it is a delicate balance between not clotting and also not bleeding out. My doctor did eventually prescribe me eliquis, but I began bleeding internally from it, and quit after two weeks, returning to my aspirin and tea routine, with far better results.

The aspirin does so much more than just thin the blood. It's really an incredible, albeit common, drug.

Suppress my own immune system

Thunder God Vine (a Chinese herb)

Red Sage


Thunder God Vine has been shown in studies to work as well as methotrexate in controlling autoimmune arthritis and other issues. I noticed a huge positive change in just two days of using it.

Optimize my own health

I stuck to organic foods, and walked as much as I could, every day. I also used mindfulness meditation to ground myself in the present moment, in order to keep me out of the realm of fear-based negative thinking. Meditation has profound physical benefits, in addition to the mental ones.

I did these things for two months, and now here I am. Feeling better. Not recovered but recovering.

I hope this helps.

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